OILS (Engine and Petrol)
The original circuit diagram for the Rumi did not have a battery. However, The need for brighter lights and better starting required either a 6 volt battery or a 12 volt battery (If upgraded to 12 volt) Below is the circuit diagram for both. With battery and without a battery (Standard)If you do use a battery a D/C horn will be required. If the
horn is wired to A/C then use an A/C horn.
Standard (non battery)
With battery
Lighting/horn switch types and connections
The CEV DEP is the original switch fitted to the Rumi.
The diagram here shows the connections and current paths of the switch.
Other switches are available to carry out the functions of the original.
Screw adjuster clockwise (inwards)
Screw adjuster anti-clockwise

From mark (A to Mark O)
on flywheel---------------30mm
A= Advance (points just open)
O= Points fully Open at TDC
Rotate back plate Clockwise
Rotate back plate Anti-Clockwise
Spark Plug Gap------20-22 thou
Spark Plug type---NGK B7ES
Champion N4
Points Gap-------------12 thou
------------------------0.32 mm
Crank case Oil Capacity 2 pts
Oil Type----------------SAE30
Petrol/Oil mix standard oil 20:1
Synthetic----------------25 to 40:1

Carburettor and ignition details
Moto Turismo
Moto Sport

Scoiattolo Sport
Standard Formichino
Tipo Sport


Sie Giormi
Needle length
Carburettor Specifications
Brakes/Clutch/Throttle cablesThe dimensions shown here are for the scooter models only
7 mm X 6.5 mm
8 mm X 8 mm
8 mm X 8mm
5.63 mm X 3.7 mm.
Slide: Axial 3.2 mm X 3.4 mm
7 mm X 6.5 mm
8 mm X 8 mm
8 mm X 8mm
5.63 mm X 3.7 mm.
Slide: Axial 3.2 mm X 3.4 mm
Gearchange set-up from removal of side cover
Hold the gear lever in the fourth position Check the quadrant is nearly touching the inner casing
Whilst holding the gearlever in this position offer the casing to the engine and push home still holding the gearlever in 4th gear.
Screw in a couple of bolts to retain the casing in place. Now you can let go of the gearlever.
I suggest you screw in a couple more bolts before you try the gears by pushing the scooter. When you are happy with selection complete the job by adding all the bolts.
Using the grind marks method
Grind marks were found on the two gears, the selector drum and the idler wheel (as shown)
It has been found that these marks when aligned place the gearbox in the middle of it's 4 gears, ie, between 2nd and 3rd gear.
When aligned the gearbox is in neither 2nd or 3rd but in a mid position.
With the marks aligned place the selector quadrant onto the idler gear with it's central tooth seen through the hole aligned to the mark on the idler gear. Now hold the quadrant in place by use of a spring acting against the quadrant and nut on the large primary gear as shown below. You must tie string or wire to the spring to allow removal of the spring when the side casing is lowered onto the quadrant shaft. It is essential the quadrant remaines in the correct position until the bolts have been tightened.
Position the spring to act against the large nut on the primary
gear and centre of the quadrant as shown.
Wire or string must be attached to the spring to allow spring
Now lower the side casing onto the engine positioning it to
allow the quadrant shaft to enter the selector hole in the casing.
Make sure the quadrant remains in the original postion. If it
moves try again.
Remove the spring and add and tighten side casing securing bolts.
4th Gear method
moto_rumi_club_3007006.jpg moto_rumi_club_3007005.jpg moto_rumi_club_3007004.jpg moto_rumi_club_3007003.jpg moto_rumi_club_3007002.jpg moto_rumi_club_3007001.jpg
It is essential that straight classic SAE 30 oil is used in the gearbox. Modern synthetic oils were not designed for early vehicles. Synthetic oils have additives that can destroy engine seals and cause a wet clutch to slip due to anti-friction additives. The Rumi gearbox should need no more than 2 1/4 pints of SAE 30 or equivalent. Many riders are happy to use Classic 20/50 oil. Petrol/Oil Mix It is generally accepted by Rumi owners that synthetic Two stoke oil is acceptable to mix with the petrol. However, there is some concern that additives in modern synthetic oil can cause a slow breakdown of crankshaft seals. Unless you are sure your Rumi has modern rubber seals such as Viton then it is advised to use classic mineral two stroke oil in the petrol. MIX RATIO these figures are purely advisory classic straight mineral two Stroke Oil: 20:1 or 25:1 (Approx 200 ml per 5 Ltrs of petrol) Semi Synthetic Oil: 35:1 (Approx 145 ml per 5 Ltrs of petrol)
There are two size tyres for the standard Rumi. For 8" wheels: Tyre size 4.00 X 8 for 10" Wheels: Tyre size 3.50 X 10 TYRE PRESSURES Front: 18lbs Rear: 22lbs with pillion front: 22lbs Rear: 28lbs