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This fellow is Donnino Rumi the renaissance sculptor who first sculptured the Rumi scooter in clay before building moulds in his aluminium foundry in Bergamo Italy.
This scooter is a replica
of the 3 times winner
of the 24hr Bol d'Or
race in Monthlery during
Since the start of the Moto Rumi in 1950 there has always been a hard core of enthusiasts. These enthusiasts have never forgotten the marque and looked eagerly for a Rumi club to help them own a Rumi once again
The club as it is today really started back in 1974 by the club's President Tony Mooring. Tony eventually had to give up running the club for personal reasons. Unfortunately the club disintegrated, however Tony kept a register of owners that helped Joss Ollett restart the club during the 1990s.

After 6 years Joss decided to hand over the reigns to Paul Stokes who is the present secretary of the club.
Today the club has over 100 members from the world over. To become a member you just have to be Rumi enthusiast and enjoy being part of a friendly bunch of people with the same fondnest of the marque.
To join the Club or further information. Email: